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The Swizzels collection is inspired by the chalky dual tone lolly of the same name, a favourite of mine to this day! Each bead is assembled by hand in two pastel coloured halves using finest parian porcelain and recycled sterling silver. The necklace is finished off with semi-precious gemstone beads chosen to ordinate with your chosen colourway, and a secure heavy duty silver clasp.The hollow beads are deceptively light and unfeasibly strong, making this statement piece surprisingly wearable. The matt surface of the porcelain warms to your skin, making it comfortable and tactile. Relish in it’s over-scaled loveliness, let it transport you back to playing dress-up, being dwarfed by grown-up jewellery compared to your diminutive scale.

Currently available in two delicious colourways – Lemon Violet and Peaches and Cream. If you’d like something different just let me know! I can make your very own Swizzel necklace to order in your choice of colours.

Parian is a form of porcelain, named for the Greek island of Paros, known for its super fine, bright white marble. Hold on tight for the science bit… it has a more vitrified finish than standard porcelain because of its high feldspar content, which basically means it had a very dense fused structure. That means that it is super strong, so the perfect material for jewellery and it will happily endure the every-day wear and tear you expect from your high quality hand-made jewellery. Even better, because parian jewellery is ceramic, it is completely stain resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water just like your favourite mug (but don’t put your jewellery in the dishwasher!).

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Lemon Violet, Peaches and Cream

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