Rebecca Wilson

Deliciously Irreverent Ceramics & Jewellery

Delectable collections in pastel porcelain and silver aim to transport you back to the retro sweets of your childhood.

My work in porcelain and silver explores the concept of value, elevating seemingly inconsequential everyday things to reflect their hidden value through a process of re-materialisation. Drawing inspiration from the confectionary industry my collections aim to glamorise the simple pleasures in life. The formality of precious materials is removed to create wearables and objects that drip with the desire of momentary self-indulgence and look good enough to eat.

Statement pieces and everyday wearables combine silver and semi precious stones with softly tinted ceramics, made for the individual who wants to  indulge their inner child, while adulting in the real world! 

Made by hand in my studio in Dunblane, Scotland





From tiny pick ‘n’ mix studs to statement gemstone dangles



Porcelain nuggets and oversized gemstones on ring pops galore!



From dainty fruit pendant to statement oversized beads



Pins of all shapes and sizes to style your way

It Doesn’t Have to be Brown to be Green!

Prompted by the amazing work of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths and their ethical making resource for jewellers I've started the daunting task of investigating the environmental and human impact of my own studio practise, both in ceramics and silver. There is a lot to...

I Do!

This week I'm delighted to have joined the illustrious lineup  with the one stop shop for curating your alternative wedding, Unique Rebels Union!  My versatile collections will let you curate the look across your entire event, from show-stopper jewels for the blushing...

Side Hustle!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can't quite help but have fingers in all the pies! I gave up my part time job with Visual Arts Scotland last year in an attempt to streamline my working life, keep things simple, and make more time. Well you know what you can...


I was over the moon with my earrings! I have wanted a piece of your work for so long it was nice to get a chance to pick up a wee treat while I save for a bigger piece 😉 Beautiful work X

Playful and quirky, with a touch of glamour… Love your work!

Fun conversation necklace, I receive many compliments when I’m wearing it. Love it!

sexyvideoshd mature lady mouth creamed.