Sherbet Straw Necklace


Super soft sherbet rainbow straw necklace with silver clasp

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There’s a whole metre of pastel rainbow hued sherbety goodness in this super soft flexible necklace. Wear it long or coil it around a couple of times, tie it in a knot… there are loads of ways to style this easy to wear statement necklace.

Hypo-allergenic silicon, silver clasp, sherbet. (Psst, it’s not real sherbet, so don’t worry about it going all sticky. I can’t tell you what it it though, that’s top secret!)
Length 1m

If you’re gifting this treat to a lucky someone I’d be glad to save you the postage and send it straight to them. Just pop their address in the shipping details and add a special message in the comments section. I’ll pop it on a nice card in my very best handwriting!

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