Have it Your Way!

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Blog

I’ve been scratching my head trying to narrow the Swizzel range down to a manageable number of colourways so that I could list the full range in the web shop. I know what my favourites are (peach and violet for a pendant, or pink and yellow for some drop earrings), but they might not be yours! What to do? Well I’ve cracked it! Now you can pick your own colours, from aaaall the colours! Pick YOUR favourite pastels from the six options, giving a total of 18* different dual colour combinations. Heck, you could even go white on white if you really wanted to!

*(I think, but y’know, being a creative numbers are not my forte, and my head was hurting trying to figure it out, so answers on a postcard if you have a better guess!)

‘But why spoil us with so much choice?’ I hear you ask. Well, I used to save most of the big statement designs for in-person galleries, because the logistics of keeping multiple colourways in stock online were too discombobulating and it’s prohibitively expensive to hold that much stock (like I said, 18 colourways for each design!). These are changed times though, our shopping habits are changing, online shopping and slow fashion are on the rise, bringing new opportunities for little bijoux businesses like mine to adapt and flourish. Online is where it’s at these days, so I’m moving with the times (it’s hard to keep up) and giving you guys direct access to more tasty treats, with more options to customise than ever before.

The Mega Swizzel Necklace, ┬ámodelled here by the lovely Lydia is always a big hit at jewellery fairs. People love to try it on and fondle it’s voluptuous beads, marvelling at how lightweight and wearable it is for such a big hunk of a necklace. It’s plum beads warm to body temperature and are tantalisingly good to fondle. Double up your pastel colours to recreate your favourite flavour of it’s namesake lollipop, or pick a single colour to match your statement outfit, and create your very own bespoke version of my signature piece. If you really wanted to you could even throw all of the colours in there for a tutti frutti extravaganza, just drop me a line if you want to go completely nuts with colour and we’ll come up with a combo as crazy as you like.

His baby brother, the tiny swizzel pendant is also fully customisable now, for a more everyday sherbet colour hit, and brand new online for the first time are the matching swizzel drop earrings. I’ll be adding more designs to the Pick ‘n’ Mix range soon, including a bit of gemstone bling, so sign up to the newsletter for sneak peeks and product launch previews.

pick’n’mix colour options are available on a range of jewellery and ceramics now! Choose your favourite colour combo and apply it to a lidded pot, a statement necklace, or a variety of earring designs.

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