An archive of past projects

Light Snack

In this age of austerity we must look to the humble things that make us happy, and we must celebrate them with reckless abandon. The Light Snack chandelier aims to glamorise the little pleasures in life, and elevates the status of the humble Jammy Dodger, so that each little glowing biscuit becomes one sparkling crystal component in a grand and glowing chandelier. The huge light sculpture drips with 1500 inedible fancies in milk white, translucent bone china and vivid pink jammy resin.

 The repetitive task of casting and firing each jammy dodger then painstakingly applying the jammy resin took around 10 weeks. Light Snack now hangs proudly in the lovely Nobles Bar in Leith, who incidentally do a mean eggs benedict!

A Wee Bit of Light Relief

A Wee Bit of Light Relief was a collaborative venture between myself, Julia Douglas (now proprietor of Studio Faire and web designer extrordinaire) and Clare Waddle (now of Yellow Broom). The wealth of stimulus found in a house was what inspired we three to create well-crafted objects that are attractive, witty and challenging. 

Our flagship piece was the eponymously titled ‘Wee Bit of Light Relief’; a range of chandeliers in different sizes made up of household chore related objects such as kitchen and cleaning utensils, delicately cast in low relief, white, bone china. The objects dangle from a white three tiered frame which mimics a pan rack. The domestic accoutrements dangle, tinkling in the breeze, temporarily redundant, allowing for a break from the monotonous grind of housework to enjoy a moments light relief under the glamorous chandelier. 

Many Hands Make Light Work

Layers of wee marigolds, cast in bone china and diminishing in size, tinkle like china cups in the dish bowl as they caress each other and pass the burden of the workload back and forth. A range of soft pinks, yellows and greens can be achieved using coloured bulbs alluding to the acidic hues of rubber gloves , diffused and made more bearable by the translucency of the porcelain.

“Many Hands” can now be found adorning the kitchen of the ‘Scouring Pad’ my bijoux holiday rental apartment with artists studio in the picturesque Scottish town of Dunblane. Get in touch to find out more about holidays or artists retreats.

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