Soba Tankard


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This collection of vessels is an exploration of what I’ve decided to call ‘Food Adjacent’ products. It bred as a result of binge consuming podcasts about the ultra processed food industry, and lab produced ‘foods’. The starting point for many Ultra Processed Foods is the ‘Mouth Feel’, a texture manufactured to seem like real food when it hits your tongue, and to behave like food when you chew it. Then they add flavour, colours and preservatives to make it look like food. I’ve mimicked this process of extrusion, and direct addition of colour and textural additives to the material to create a body of equally enticing ceramics.

The sweet treats that have long inspired my work qualify as non-foods; they go in the separate sweet stomach, the same one as the puddings and the wine goes in (we all have one!). They don’t contribute on any nutritional level, but we are drawn in by their deliciousness and their tempting appearance. I’m enticed by the buzz words the ‘big food’ manufacturers use in making their products so alluring that we can resist them. Phrases like ‘Dynamic Contrast’ which combination of different textures in your mouth all at once makes your tongue do a little happy dance triggering your brain to release aaalll the happy hormones. Or the ‘Bliss Point’, at which the precise combination of sugar, fat and salt combines to make your taste buds tingle and over-ride your brains instincts to stop eating.

The Soba Tankard is so named for the unappealingly thick and slimy noodles that his handles remind me of.

Parian Porcelain
Approx 18cm x 14cm x 10cm

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