Sushi Serving Set




This is how we Roll! Up your sushi game with these super fun candy coloured serving sets in delicately stained pastel porcelain. Each set consists of one serving plate, a soy sauce dipping bowl, a hashioki (fancy speak for a chopstick rest!), and lovely pair of white melamine chopsticks. All packaged up in a post box friendly package, ready to mail directly to your best sushi loving pal, and I can include a personalised message if you pop some nice words in the comments box. (If sushi isn’t your thang these would be equally great for your cheeseboard, fancy cakes, or scones with jam and cream.)

Pink: pink plate, white bowl, yellow hashioki
White: white plate, pink bowl, mint hashioki
Yellow: yellow plate, violet bowl, peach hashioki

Dishwasher and microwave safe (although why you would want to microwave sushi I don’t know). Parian is a form of porcelain, named for the Greek island of Paros, known for its super fine, bright white marble. Hold on tight for the science bit… it has a more vitrified finish than standard porcelain because of its high feldspar content, which basically means it had a very dense fused structure. That means that it is super strong, so the perfect material for tablewear and it will happily endure the every-day wear and tear you expect from your high quality hand-made objects. Even better, because parian jewellery is ceramic, it is completely stain resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water just like your favourite mug.

Serving suggestion pictured: all the haribo.

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